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I’m David ( yes.. that’s me spinning the Bride with the camera), I am based in Melbourne but I spend some time in Europe when it gets cold in Melbourne and do weddings over there.

Inspired by Magnum photographers, French cinema and travelling.... I can write that I was self taught in wedding film making and developed a techniques over time but that would be a lie, after working as a photographer for 10 years I was asked to join one of Australia's top tier wedding film studios, I was mentored to push boundaries of what wedding films should look like.

Mid 2017 I decided I wanted to push my own style and go on my own, with no hesitation of travelling and filming couples abroad or at home in Australia. I believe the best stories are told from a close and personal perspective, which is why I try to invest as much time with my couples and their day.

Now that the above formalities are done, you should know one thing… I’m all about The party; Expect me to say YES to going bar hoping with your bridal party days before in NYC.