We notice you are based in Australia, do you travel to shoot weddings?

I love travelling and getting to film weddings, that's how I actually started, I was working in a Studio where I was not allowed to shoot weddings for myself in none of the main capital cities of Australia ... so I grabbed my gear and filmed my first overseas wedding overseas to start my own folio.

I currently film in Europe between June-September and September - May in Australia & Asia.


Do you work alone on the wedding day?

98% of the time, I do. it's only when I'm asked to make a longer film that I require a second cinematographer. I like to keep things minimal, no need for a big team on a wedding day.


What languages do you speak and will you be fine on our wedding day if you don't speak language?

I speak fluent Spanish and English but this has pretty much nothing to do with my ability to shoot a wedding, I've shot weddings in where no one is speaking english, my style of shooting does not require me to speak much or none at all at moments.


Do you require a meal at the wedding dinner?

Yes please, I don't want to pass out at your wedding.


We love our films not-to-have/ to have a voice over, can you make this available?

Completely, I personally hate the sound of my voice so I understand your concern but I believe if there is GOOD speeches or vows that fit the film, it can really take a film to a more personal level.